Just because one starts doing something doesn’t mean that he knows the motive behind it or embraces that idea completely. This is exactly my dilemma with blogging? Very often I ask myself “Why blog?” Why do we want some unknown person, in some remote part of the world know about your opinions or feelings in a digital form and in some way relate to us, support our thoughts or even reciprocate to it? Why can’t we confine our thoughts to ourselves?  Is it because we want someone to affirm our ideas or is it just to convey the superiority of our knowledge over someone else or is it just to pen down our thoughts of the day to kill time. Sometimes it is purely for commercial reasons such as celebrity blogs, food blogs, business blogs etc. In some cases it is out of profession such as author’s blog, critic’s blog etc

I’m neither an existing or hopeful celebrity nor does my boring job requires any kind of blogging. In fact I work in an industry where time is money and I’m naturally not living up to its principle by spending my time in typing these blogs. I don’t have any interesting stories (at least the ones that I can share without putting a child lock on this website) or any wow factor in my life which makes my blog unique. Last couple of lines also proved how bad I’m in marketing myself and naturally not helping sell my blog.

We have all heard that “we should live life to the fullest and live every moment as if today is the last day of your life”. In this beautiful journey of life, there are moments when your mind is loaded with amazing thoughts (usually happens to me when I’m tied to a tiny seat that is floating 35000 feet above ground with couple of drinks down the throat) and you want to capture those thoughts. It’s like photography. You are capturing an experience, a moment and, creating a memory out of it that you can cherish for life. Your thoughts are all like small drops of moments that may fall upon you from experience of any of your five senses, or just wander wildly from some unknown world, and it is great to capture them and share it with your friends and strangers-waiting-to-be-friends. These thoughts can inspire people, uplift their mood or even put them on the right path to follow their dreams. Thoughts are very powerful and Buddha summed it by saying “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world”

My blog is my humble way of sharing my world with you. I hope it will make your world as beautiful as mine. I guess this is a reason good enough for me to spend (in my financial term “invest”) my precious time blogging.

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